Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heart thought…from Helen

Our Golden Retriever, Sadie, discovered her hunting, retrieving and stalking traits. Unfortunately, she also uncovered a nest of baby bunnies under our storage building. We had noticed for a few weeks a rabbit hopping in and out of our fenced in back yard and I figured it was because we planted a small garden. It seems now we have a family of rabbits and a problem. The baby bunnies found their way out from under their safe haven and Sadie discovered a new play thing. While sitting at the table with Todd as he ate a late supper with us recently, I glanced out the back door to see our dog with a very small animal in her mouth, tossing it about and playing with it.

“Oh, no, she’s killed a mouse and brought it to the door!” Taking a closer look, the ‘mouse’ had no ‘mouse tail’. “Oh, NO! SHE’S GOT A BUNNY RABBIT!” I bemoaned.

Todd calmly continues to fork his chicken while Boaz, (almost 10) and Dennis and I run to the rescue. As soon as we open the door, Sadie takes off for the back of the yard with bunny in her mouth. By the time the guys reach her, she had swallowed it whole. YUCK! I could not stand the thought of it, so I just stood at the patio rail and watched as Dennis and Boaz searched for what we figured Sadie continued to search for…more bunnies for dessert. I didn’t speak to my dog for a whole day, I was so upset.

Todd slices off another piece of warm homemade bread, butters it and never moves from the table, assuring me that; “That’s what dogs do, Momma, they hunt. Lizzie (their Dalmatian) killed a chipmunk yesterday”.

Sadie did find another bunny, played with it, punctured it and finally gave it up to Todd who handed it into the tender hands of Boaz who put it in a box to take home and nurse back to health?? At first they tried to put it over the fence so Momma Rabbit would come get it and take care of it. Momma Rabbit wasn’t coming near the fence with canine carnivore anywhere near.

Baby bunny became ‘Hoppy’ and grew, thriving under the attention of five children…for about two weeks, at which time Hoppy passed away, much to the children’s grief. He joined Duke and a plethora of other pets in the Lynn menagerie memorial park cemetery.

Lessons to be learned from observing pets, parents and grandchildren: Just a few from this instance intrigued me. I was horrified when our Retriever followed her natural instincts, bringing her catch home. I like bunnies! I love my dog, but I couldn’t bear the thought of one killing the other and swallowing it whole. Why am I so shocked at normal canine behavior?

Why am I so shocked at the behavior of people who just ‘do what comes naturally’? Because there but for the grace of God go I! This ole girl is only a sinner saved by grace. There is a hymn our choir used to sing in McCormick entitled, WERE IT NOT FOR GRACE. Oh, what a testimony it is for our day and time.

Why am I so shocked when my children remind me of things that we taught them? Or, perish the thought! Maybe they learned it without us. The parent becomes the pupil and the child pontificates truths. The young shepherd boy, and Psalmist, David, demonstrated ‘spiritual warfare’ in the face of Goliath much to the chagrin of his king, then later learned to soothe King Saul by playing and singing to him.

Why am I so shocked when my grandchildren show a natural, tender desire to ’rescue the perishing’? Do you remember the little boy who gave his loaves and fishes to rescue a hungry crowd? My grandchildren reveal a generosity of spirit that warms my heart.

Thank You, Father, for teaching me such lessons from everyday experiences in such a profound way. Keep my heart open and receptive to see and hear voices of truth you have for me.