Friday, May 11, 2012

HEART THOUGHTS…from Helen “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence comes my help.” (Psalm 121:1)

“There they are,” is my standard expression as we drive home on Highway #101 north. There’s a rise in the road right after passing O’Neal Baptist Church that sometimes takes my breath away. This morning as Dennis and I rounded the curve and accelerated over the rise, the Blue Ridge Mountains majestically appeared in our front window.

 We refer to them as ‘our mountains’. Some days they seem to speak to me from their clarity of view. Other days the clouds or haze nearly obscure them, but we know that they are there. Today they are clear and they make me smile.

 Dennis commented, “If we could just move all the power lines out of the way from along the roadside, it would be a perfect picture”.

 My quick, know it all reply retorts, “Power lines have no power to do away with the real Power here! The absolute strength and majesty of a mountain is in itself God’s mighty power. They remind me of His splendor and how much I rely on his omnipotence day by day.

 Please don’t misunderstand; power lines play such a vital role in our daily lives, but let’s get serious. Apart from the power of the Almighty who made the mountains and everything else, we perish. I suppose it is my lack of strength at times that makes me crave the mountains. It implies my need for God and His strength.

 Thank You, Lord, for the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains as seen from Hwy #101 in the very community that is named so aptly after them.