Monday, September 19, 2011

Political Posturing

Way back in the middle sixties, while still single, I worked as a nurse in the Emergency Room at Greenville General Hospital. A good friend who interned there at the same time gave me some advice on how to attract the male of the species.
“Remember these three things”: Dee said.

1. Always smile
2. Maintain good posture
3. If at all possible, drive a sports car, he chuckled.

I did remember his advice and tried my best at the first two on the list. I never got the sports car.

These days in the News I read so much about political posturing, I began to wonder just how to define such a term. One definition states it relates especially to party politics and results from beliefs unacceptable to government. According to the Encarta Dictionary, it can be pragmatic or carried out for reasons that best serve a desired outcome rather than for other reasons such as morally justifiable.

So, as I look at the phrase, political posturing, my mind’s eye sees posture as how one stands or holds one’s body, standing, sitting, kneeling or lying down. Is political posturing standing straight in the political arena?

If candidates demonstrate good political posturing, will they attract voters?
If they present a photogenic “smile” will that gain favor with the electorate?
Does driving the politically correct bandwagon (bus) count for more than their character?

I can’t really say what attracted my husband to me, whether it was my smile, my posture or my blue 1964 Ford Fairlaine 500. I’d like to think it was Christian character, but you’ll have to ask him that question. I know that what I’m looking for in a presidential candidate is Christian Character, not POLITICAL POSTURING.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The ‘with you’ principle.

Recently I had the privilege of witnessing the ‘with you’ principle. Dennis preaches twice on Sunday mornings at Bellview Baptist Church about twenty miles from our home. I alternate my attendance in these services and opt to pray upstairs in the prayer room during the other service. Earlier in the morning I turned the oven on 350 degrees to cook the meatloaf I’d prepared on Saturday, planning to turn it off right before we left for church. Guess what!

While I prepared my heart for prayer with Scripture, the Lord brought me to Matthew 28:20...”…and lo I am with you always”. I proceeded to cross reference the term, ‘with you’.

. We have His Divine Presence with us in the pilgrimage of life (Genesis 28:15).
· His Divine Presence affords rest (Exodus 33:14);
· His Divine Presence gives courage in life’s battles (Dt. 20:1);
· His Divine Presence is a comfort in trials (Isa 43:2).

My prayer began for His Divine Presence to be manifested in the worship services. Suddenly, in the midst of my prayer I remembered my meatloaf. I also remembered I’d put it on at 7 am. It was 9 am and our oven is…well, it’s not new. My dog, Sadie, stays in the house while we’re gone! I jumped up, raced down the steps, left Dennis a note in his office, almost ran to the car and drove almost the speed limit home to turn off the oven and salvage what was left of meatloaf.

I confess that my thoughts ranged from… seeing smoke on the horizon… to charred lunch… to Sadie trapped in the burning house. And then, His Divine Presence reminded me over and over again, “Surely, I am ‘with you’ always”. His Divine Presence was ‘with me’ in my pilgrimage from Woodruff to Greer, His Divine Presence afforded me rest AFTER my pilgrimage, His Divine Presence reminded me of my error in judgment. His Divine Presence protected me and our meatloaf, our home and our dog. His Divine Presence made the pilgrimage back to the second service much less stressful.

The ‘with you’ principle played out in the practical issues of life, yes, evens the Sunday meatloaf. I am thankful for the ‘with you’ principle. Are you?