Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Private Place, A Prayerful Man with a Precise Plan

It kinda snuck up on me. One morning I slept in and it became the norm NOT to get up earlier than anyone else to meet the Master in the morning. The subtlety of it is so sneaky. Thank God He brought me to this small section of Scripture reminding me of seeking first the kingdom of God, before I meet the day. Blanket victory may not be mine every day, but it is my goal and in Jesus’ Name, I press on. Mark 1:35-38 Pre=dawn darkness covered Peter’s house in Capernaum. Quietness coats the place of abode, disturbed only by the sounds of a snoring household. No one else awoke as Jesus deserted His blanket, rose from his pallet bed and left the house in search of solitude. Thoughts of the day before and the day to come all jumbled around in His mind. He needed, no; He required His Father’s power, His Father’s presence, and His Father’s provision for the coming day. He sought out the solitude of a Sovereign God before meeting the demands of another day. The grass was wet with dew; the sliver of a moon lit the way for the Light of the World to pray, alone. It wouldn’t be the only time He did so. “Thank you, Father, for hearing me. I’m exhausted! Yesterday drained me completely. How will I find the strength after such a short night? Where do you want me to go today? What do you want me to do? Thank you for healing Peter’s mother-in-law yesterday. Thank you for driving out the demons that plagued the people and the diseases that destroy the will to live. Thank You, Father.” Peter and friends woke to a pounding on his door. People already gathered in his yard to seek out the Savior. He went in search of Jesus to find the Master gone. Panic spread through the house. “Where is He?” “Did you see where He went?” “Has He been kidnapped?” Slipping into his sandals, Simon Peter hurriedly went out to search for Jesus. “Perhaps I should have risen earlier to discuss the plans of the day with Him. Now, everything demands attention. There’s no time. Where is He?” He lamented to the others. Not too far away, in a solitary place, the big fisherman hears that familiar voice in quiet conversation. Running toward the sound, he and his companions, louder than was necessary, exclaim, “Where have you been? Everyone is looking for you!” As if Jesus, the Christ, had to answer to this group of rag tag disciples. Does He really owe me an explanation for anything? Ahh, yes, the inevitable interruptions of quiet time. There will always be a Simon Peter and others seeking to destroy the quietude of discourse with the Divine. Rising from His knees, Jesus greets the group. After the answers comes the action. Jesus replied, “Let’s go somewhere else---to the nearby villages---so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.”(Verse 38) (see Isaiah 61:1-3 for more perspective) Time to move on to the day’s demands. But He’s ready now. He knows the plan; He goes His way, doing what He was meant to do. He takes along those friends that need to see and hear and follow. Are you seeking His face early? Do you discipline yourself after a demanding day to defeat the drug of drowsiness, to get blanket victory from the warmth of your bed? Where is your solitary place? He has a plan and He’s waiting for you with answers to your daily demands.

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